Hooray! Hooray! The First of May!

Happy May 1st, May Day, Labor Day and International Workers' Day!

May Day, A Cornucopia of Holidays

The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day

The Dark Origins of May Day

May Day Events Around The World

May Day Celebrations Around The World

On Walter Crane and the Aims of Decorative Art

Hot House - White Flowers and Foliage

And now the flowers. Hover for names, click for sites.

White Clover and Honeybee

White Clematis

White Abutilon by Theresa Elvin

'A Garland for May Day 1895' by Walter Crane

Chrysanthemum pom pom

Rose by Michiel Thomas

Tulips and Dusty Miller

May-pole before St. Andrew Undershaft

Liliaceae 'Beargrass' by Joanne-V

Hydrangea by Miranda Stockett

Lilium Candidum 'White Lily'

Childrens' May Pole

Abutilon 'White lucky lantern'

Cosmos, Allyssum, Queen Anne's Lace, Daisy, Scabiosa

Three White Roses

Albartina Randall Wheelan


Convallaria Majalis 'Lily of the Valley' by May Lis Birchall

Narcissus 'Paperwhite'


Yucca Baccata 'Spanish bayonet'


Anemone canadensis by Horticultural Art

The May Pole Dance by Adelia Belle Beard 1887

Philadelphus 'Virginal' Mock Orange

Gladiolus 'Frosty White'

Freesia Refracta

A May Basket of Paper Lace

Star Scabiosa by Roger Bourne

Japanese Anemone by Frokeniknopp

Primula Elatior by Frokeniknopp

May Basket

Solomon's Seal by Mandy Disher

White Rose Bud

Rose with Water Drops

Then Came Faire May

Syringa 'White Lilac' by Frokeniknopp

Dicentra Spectabilis 'Bleeding Heart' by Diane Perlin Hock

Fuchsia 'Hawkshead'

The Country Maypole

Trifolium repens L. 'White clover'

Viburnum Plicatum, the pure white reversion of 'Kern's Pink'

Cornus 'Dogwood'

The Workers' May Pole by Walter Crane

Bell Flowers by Rawe


Antirrhinum majus 'Snapdragon'

A Maypole History

Syringa Vulgaris 'White lilac' by Chris Scroggins


Anemone by Wendy Merle

May Day Celebration

Here's to all the flowers. 
And the bees, butterflies, ants and humans who labor to make earth a better place.

Ant on Flowering Spurge by Patrick Coin

Bumble Bee on White Dead Nettle

Butterfly on white tassled flower