We Interrupt Our Usual Broadcast...

Wondering what happened to the comment section? 

So am I, actually. I'm wondering how it is that other blogs can get hundreds and millions of fuzzy love notes, while all two of my usual comments have to be sent to the lepers' colony.

Is it true that people will say anything as long as they can say it anonymously? 

If you're anonymous, who's going to find out if you're being nice? Is nice no longer nice? 

We may never know the answers to these eternal questions, but it's okay. As a highly skilled animal handler, I've got this one.

Hey, kids, what time is it? Time to stand by while we get a handle on all this spam around here! Yea!

What I can't handle is the spam. And I don't mean the canned kind, although some of this stuff is pretty salty. However you slice it, the spam around here has reached such catastrophic proportions, even the automatic spam filters are gagging and going into cardiac arrest.

So I have us in lock-down. Maybe if I'm patient, the spam will give up and go away. One can hope. 

Until then I hope you stay tuned, enjoy the programming, and have a wonderful time exploring the internet with no spam, no porn, no pop-ups, no malware, no viruses, no trojans, no trolls, no bots, no bullying, no bull! But maybe a nice little plate of Hot & Spicy Spam Coca, with Roasted Piquillo-Pineapple Escabècheif you like.

Heh. As I finished writing this, the phone rang. It was spam.