sunny siding up

Today we got ourselves a room. A real honest to goodness room. True, it's not weatherized, but it feels like we enlarged the house by almost a third. The new outdoor sofas are waiting to move in and it will be a great place for plants. Lots of plants. With timed irrigation tapped in from the yard.

We used exterior grade paneling to cover all the sins. As soon as we figure out how we'd like to finish off the edges, I'll paint everything the same Shenandoah Taupe I used outside, using the three leftover gallons I found in the shed. If I want to go darker, I'll be halfway there.

Thom started working around the door and, after seeing paneling there, I realized (forgive me, Thom) I don't want sidelights after all. Too busy. And it will make more room for light fixtures outside. Looking at all the beautiful fixtures online I feel like a kid in a candy shop. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.

We also decided to replace the funky old curlicue awning posts with solid wood 4x4s, aligned with the window frames rather than annoyingly off kilter. I'm not sorry to see that trailer trash go, believe me.

Melanie Renn

Melanie Renn