hot shots

Hot Shots | Melanie Renn

Thom and Michael never work on the house unless we have a heatwave.

A few years ago when they built the porch steps, wouldn't you know, as soon as they started, a heatwave hit and they had to work in the hottest part of the yard. But this time, with unusually cool temperatures all year, we fully expected it to be comfortable. We would, wouldn't we? Heh. The minute Thom pulled up in his truck, the mercury shot right through the thermometer. Where are they working this time? The one place in the house that traps heat, the porch. When the temperature hit 107 today, it had to be 115 on the porch. I stuck a fork in them shortly after noon but they just kept cookin'. I don't know how they did it but they got both end walls framed, the electrical wiring in, and the double doors up and latched. All looking very good, as you will soon see. Right now it's bedtime. Gasp. At 11:00pm it's over 80 degrees. Global warming? What global warming? Yeah, right. If this keeps up they'll have to build a rudder on this house! Sailing off to dreamland now. Nighty-night.

We're Havin' A Heat Wave, A Tropical Heat Wave