coming h ♥ m e

I wanted you to know you might not hear from me the next three or four weeks. You see, I've got a house to decorate. For the past five months I've flickred and blogged about interior decorating, all with the intention of getting myself fired up to start on my own house. Now it's time. I have arranged to take a month off from my job to accomplish this. It's not going to be easy because I love being with you here online and I could easily allow myself to remain here. But I feel like I've got a soul to save. My own. I will try to blog what I am doing as I go. I can't promise anything. If blogging gets in the way of my work, the blogging will stop. If it comes to that, then I will see you all toward the end of February. Wish me luck. I have rooms full of furniture to move. Walls, woodwork, cabinets and doors to paint. Windows and upholstery to recover. Colors to change. Rugs to replace. Everything is going into my trusty transmogrifier. This is partly because it's in my blood and I love it. I've been a frustrated decorator since the age of eight. But it's also to purge my spirit of twenty years of unrest. No more! I will make myself a studio to be creative again. I will once more give my house the soul of an artist. I will say to myself what I most want to hear: "I love you just the way you are, please come home."
And she's off-- -

Calvin and Hobbes / Bill Waterson