rest hard

or labor soft, as my case may be

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware's Klismos Table

What can I say about Restoration Hardware and it's owner-of-the-hour, Gary Friedman, that hasn't been said already, except - Gary, how many kids do you want? The fact that I am beyond child bearing age is entirely beside the point. I will do anything to furnish my million dollar doublewide with your merchandise, darling. I'm sure the father of my trailer will understand. Michael would only ask that I shout his name. I'm so in love with Restoration Hardware I have even considered getting a part time job there for the employee discount. Never mind that I got out of retail eons ago because of a back injury that won't let me stand for more than 20 minutes a stretch, but we must keep our pri-or-i-ties, you know.

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware's Baluster Chandelier

Seriously, I've been wanting to say something about Restoration Hardware (years ago I'd write "Rest Hard" on my shopping list) without sounding frivolous. Oh what the hell. If Cote de Texas and The Style Saloniste can wax rhapsodic, so then, can I.

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware's Aviator Chair

But today is especially appropriate because Restoration Hardware is opening its exqusite doors to something even more exquisite - as if revamping the entire store a year ago wasn't enough. It's a new show room in San Francisco's design district. What a shame I can't attend. I know my invitation was lost in the mail - it's not your fault, Gary, I understand. Anyway, I have to work today but you go ahead and have a fabulous time without me, okay?

Melanie Renn

I stopped by your store in Corte Madera a few weeks ago, to drool, perchance to dream and possibly take a few photographs for the blog. I managed to take one good one before that silly sales girl told me you don't allow photographs. I guess you haven't told her about us. Well that's okay, you were just being discreet. I guess my Canon Digital Rebel wasn't. Oh dear.

Melanie Renn

I also got a nice shot of the entrance. Actually I was shooting the horsetail
in the landscaping. (The plant is prehistoric and I've loved it ever since I was a kid. No I am not prehistoric. I loved popping its sections apart and putting them back together like pop beads. Remember pop beads? Maybe I am prehistoric. Look how it's used as a low hedge here. Brilliant.) I must say, The Village really is a beautiful outdoor mall. Restoration Hardware is in fine company there with shops like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn.

Hmmm... the store is hiring for Christmas...