only thing in the pot is paint

...but it's a'cookin, as I'm painting about 9 12 hours a day now. Couldn't get going until I got rid of stuff, so I donated to charity. Lots. Most was perfectly good but, hey, it's not a waste of money if someone else can benefit from it, right? Who knows, it could even find it's way home with one of you. Just take pictures, okay? Now if you'll excuse me I gotta give that pot a stir and fry me up a messa Benjamin Moore Moonlight White...

Melanie Renn
see it up close

Melanie Renn
see it up close

Why do I bother showing you these digital paint chips? Because I love writing HTML code, I reckon. Since every monitor displays colors differently, it's impossible to make these chips look consistent, let alone accurate. I can tell you that you would never know these are the same colors in my house, so I'll try to describe them.

Benjamin Moore : Moonlight White
Moonlight White

WALL - Moonlight White is a definite bright white with hints of beige, gray, and olive. On my monitor this chip looks more medium warm beige, like the old wall color in the photo above, but that ain't it. Go figure.

Benjamin Moore : Simply White
Simply White

TRIM - Simply White is a very bright white with almost no discernable color to it. Not true, of course, but it certainly doesn't look pink like the chip above.

Benjamin Moore : Silhouette

ISLAND - Silhouette is a deep dark charcoal that looks almost black in my kitchen, with a decidedly olive/brown cast. It's a gorgeous color, kind of dark aged bronze with lots of complexity. Doesn't look anything like the color in the photo, does it? I rest my case. Actually, the photo in my previous post is a better representation of the island color. Take a look.