Petite Bauhaus

Frédéric Méchiche / New Paris Interiors

A few years back, around 2008, Frédéric Méchiche changed homes in Paris. He downsized from a large loft (a stunning seven room duplex he created by gutting three minor apartments) to a small pied-à-terre that has been referred to as his "Petite Bauhaus."

For a beautiful bunch of photos on this apartment, click on New Paris Interiors, a gorgeous book you will definitely want to set aside some time to see. All 301 pages are viewable, so let the site load. To jump to the chapter on Méchiche type "208" into the small rectangular search field beneath the images, then keep clicking right to turn through all five pages.

New Paris Interiors

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The apartment also appears on the site Elle.hu. I can't tell you much about the article because it's in a language I don't recognize, but I'm sure that whatever it says, it says it's beautiful.

Bauhaus kicsiben és Párizsban

"Ez a párizsi átmeneti szállás (pied á terre?) a maga keskeny terével vintage-elemekkel kevert modern hangulatot kapott. Kialakításában ötletesen keverednek az ipari és a bio-megoldások."

Frédéric Méchiche / Elle.hu Frédéric Méchiche / Elle.hu Frédéric Méchiche / Elle.hu
Frédéric Méchiche / Elle.hu Frédéric Méchiche / Elle.hu Frédéric Méchiche / Elle.hu

Blogging Elle Decoration UK: Petite Bauhaus

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February 22, 2008 by Shayna
Images: Elle Decoration UK, February 2008
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Frédéric Méchiche / Apartment Therapy SF

"Hands up if you wouldn't mind a small pied à terre in Paris. Yeah, we're right there with you. We certainly wouldn't turn down an opportunity to set-up a little nest over there in the land of romance and fromage....especially if it was filled to the brim with gorgeous, vintage furniture. If you're lucky enough to be Frédéric Méchiche then your hand didn't make it that high 'cause you've already found la chance."

Frédéric Méchiche / Apartment Therapy SF

"We like the concept behind this dream of a small apartment, but we love the execution."

Frédéric Méchiche / Apartment Therapy SF

"Monsieur Méchiche has held fast to his admiration for the Bauhaus mentality by making sure that everything in this small space is simple, modern and functional."

Frédéric Méchiche / Apartment Therapy SF

"Though he relies heavily on black, metal and glass, Méchiche keeps the space from falling too far on the side of heavy masculinity or industrial chic by warming up the decor with wood and organic accents."

Frédéric Méchiche / Apartment Therapy SF

"To see more of interior designer Frédéric Méchiche's Paris apartment, check out the February issue of Elle Decoration UK."