Changing sheets and other transformations

Same room, two different looks. Or three. Or four. What does it matter? Your home should reflect who you are and, unless you're living in a box six feet under, you are bound (and should be determined if you want to GROW) to change. That's a good thing. Honestly.

Frédéric Méchiche / Jacques Dirand / Shelter Pop

Frédéric Méchiche likes to change his sheets. Here's his Marais loft bedroom with boldly striped fabric fashioned into a headboard.

Frédéric Méchiche

Now he's edited and toned down the look with more white, setting off a work on paper by Jean-Pierre Raynaud. The original scrubbed wood floors give the room warmth.


...three themes on a tub. All taking place in the bathroom of Méchiche's Paris home. Seems he grew fonder of collecting modern art. I did rather like that arched niche with the lead cistern in it, though, Frédé, but I'll forgive you.

Frédéric Méchiche / Filipacchi Publishing

Frédéric Méchiche / pg 137 Rooms To Remember / Barbara Stoeltie and Rene Stoeltie

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Frédéric Méchiche / Door Sixteen

Frédéric Méchiche / Door Sixteen

Getting sweaty with Freddy

Since we have such a fine tub in which to scrub, we might as well have ourselves a good work out first. Perhaps monsieur will join us?

Frédéric Méchiche / Jacques Dirand

Méchiche's workout room in Paris.

Insider's Paris: An Intimate Guide
Published by Jean Demarchy and Francois Baudot
Photo by Jacques Dirand

Is This a Gym or an Art Gallery?

Written by Eugenia Santiesteban
Published by Shelter Pop

Behold the genius of interior designer Frédéric Méchiche. In his Paris apartment, Méchiche put together the most beautiful workout space I've ever laid eyes on. If I had a room like this, I'd definitely make exercise part of my daily regime. And the incredible art and architecturally detailed Paris apartment don't hurt matters either.

Although Méchiche's space is clearly inspirational and perhaps not attainable for everyone, here are a few tips gleaned from this decorating master for anyone creating a work-out at home space.

1) Stick to a color scheme. Méchiche's signature is classic black and white which makes the space a continuation of his home, not a room that's been set aside. Try painting or wallpaper your workout nook to integrate into the rest of your decor.

2) Mix the precious with the everyday stuff. It's all about contrasts. Somehow, the barbell and bench press machine look even better situated next to the sculptures and paintings. I know, I know. Not everyone has modernist Japanese sculpture on hand, but try a simple drawing or even a beautiful mirror instead of the standard gym stuff. Just one beautiful thing will make a huge difference.

3) Treat workout gear as if it were furniture. Notice the perfect positioning in Méchiche's room? That's no coincidence. Try a few different layouts, just like you would a sofa.

4) Invest in some high-end gear, like Méchiche's sculptural barbells. Try the Vita weights from the Conran Shop as an alternative.

Feeling inspired? Erin put together some great ideas to help you get started in creating your own sweat space. Don't miss them!

Going for Baroque?

The black kitchen is as elegant and beautifully edited as ever. Not so, with the other two rooms. Mechiche's art collection appears to have overrun them. These photos (and a video if you can track it down) are from